ICS 121: UML Continued


Video store example

UC-01: Joining the video store

  1. Clerk at terminal initiates Join dialog
  2. Customer swipes credit card
  3. Terminal says that card number and expiration are valid
  4. Clerk enters names of family members
  5. Terminal prints cards

UC-02: Renting a video, paying later

  1. Clerk scans card
  2. Clerk scans desired video(s)
  3. Terminal displays details of each video scanned
  4. Clerk indicates he/she is finished
  5. Terminal shows rental options
  6. Customer indicates choice of rental options
  7. Clerk selects rental options
  8. Terminal displays price and due date
  9. Clerk asks "pay now or later?"
  10. Customer selects later payment
  11. Clerk enters payment choice
  12. Terminal prints receipt for signature

UC-03: Returning a video in person

  1. Clerk scans videos
  2. Terminal displays customer name and any fees due
  3. Clerk asks customer to pay fees
  4. Terminal tells clerk where to sort each video
  5. Clerk asks customer to rate video(s)
  6. Clerk enters ratings
  7. Terminal suggests other videos that customer might like

UC-04: Optimizing pricing

  1. Manager requests rental report
  2. System displays most frequently rented videos
  3. Manager requests list of pricing packages
  4. System displays pricing packages
  5. Manger edits pricing package: price, rental days

Video Store Activity Diagram

Video Store Conceptual Classes

Notes on draft 1

Account states

Video states

Video rental deployment diagram

Video rental scenario

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